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Parker and The Man Podcast 09/16/13


Parker and The Man Podcast 09/16/13 [Download]


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July 22, 2013   by Mark Wilson

Most people like meeting a celebrity now and then.  If you hang out in Hollywood long enough, you’re bound to see a Kardashian.  Make your way to Las Vegas and Paris Hilton or Charlie Sheen won’t be far behind.  Even in Detroit you never know when you’ll catch a glimpse of Kid Rock, Thomas Hearns, Anita Baker or Jeff Daniels.

By the way Jeff— kick ass start to this season of “The Newsroom” on HBO.

Being in the radio and TV business affords us the opportunity to meet more than our share of celebs.  Obviously we get to talk to sports figures all the time but there are plenty of actor/politician/culinary/reality star sightings that we get regularly.  I added “culinary” in there because let’s face it— where would we REALLY be without the Food Network or Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives?’

I am digres...

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